Understanding Forcing Moves and Critical Squares

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Lectures: 6
Duration: 3 hours
Skill level: 900-1400 Elo
Language: English

Chess University’s Understanding Forcing Moves and Critical Squares video course by FIDE-Master Dalton Perrine provides detailed instruction on forcing moves, critical squares, and how to improve at thinking in chess. This course is suitable for those who have an over-the-board Elo rating between 600 and 1200 or online rating between 900 and 1400. This course comes with over 3 hours of lessons divided into 5 parts as follows:

Part 1: Introduction to Forcing Moves and Critical Squares.

Part 2: Four-Step Thinking Process with Forcing Moves and Critical Squares.

Part 3: Tactics Involving Forcing Moves and Critical Squares.

Part 4: Quiz and Answers.

Part 5: Live Chess Play-through Video Lesson and Analysis.

Also included in the course is a concise summary of notes and tips for students to review.